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GradeProof is a proofreading tool powered by Artificial Intelligence.
The more you write, the smarter it gets.

Advanced Grammar

Let our artificial intelligence fix your most advanced grammar errors such as those tricky punctuations and homophone and oronyms as well as capitalization and repetition.


Go beyond making your writing mistake-free and unlock your best writing with AI powered stylistic and structural suggestions to improve your communication and expression.

Plagiarism Check

Ensure originality of your writing and protect your integrity by searching and comparing your work to publicly available text on the internet.

Writing Statistics

Track important statistics about your writing such as readability, grade level, and word count.

Custom Settings

Customize GradeProof with a personal dictionary and configurable reading and writing speeds.


Take GradeProof wherever you and your writing goes - Google Docs, Microsoft Word, iOS, and the web.

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